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Welcome to S.T. Dupont. Please note that due to the impact of international air freight policies, our lighters are shipped without gas!!!

Usage And Care Instructions

Flint Replacement Guide:

Discover how to properly replace the flint in your S.T. Dupont lighter to ensure its continuous performance and reliability.

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Long-term Maintenance and Cleaning Methods:

Learn how to optimally care for and clean your S.T. Dupont lighter, maintaining its pristine appearance and flawless functionality.

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Gas Refill Instructions:

Here, find detailed steps to effortlessly refill your S.T. Dupont lighter with gas, ensuring you always have a consistent, powerful flame.

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Flame Types and Adjustment Methods:

Dive into the various flame types of your S.T. Dupont lighter and learn how to adjust the flame to suit your preferences and requirements.

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Troubleshooting in Use:

Address potential challenges when using your S.T. Dupont lighter and learn how to resolve them, ensuring optimal performance.

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Extending Lifespan:

Discover proven strategies to prolong the life of your S.T. Dupont lighter, ensuring it continues to bring you joy and remains dependable in the long run.

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